PKP Intercity

over 7 years of digital work, social media and customer service.

We helped PKP Intercity for more than 7 years leading digital communication of the brand (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram) and creating digital campaigns.

We were responsible for the strategy, content management, client service, special actions and graphic design.

Our tasks also included reacting to crisis situations, preparing competition applications and planning long-term communication.

In addition to activities in social media, we monitored the brand on the Internet.

We also carried out a large media campaign #cześćpendolino, on the occasion of the inauguration of the flagship Express Intercity Premium train.

The project was implemented by the Young and Awesome agency. We conducted the action on the website prepared by us and in social media channels: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

We have launched a competition in which the task was to prepare a creative work, by means of which participants will welcome Pendolino trains in Poland. We had 402 vouchers for PKP Intercity trains to be distributed. We supported the action with an online advertising campaign.